We hope you are all surviving these strange times!

You may be aware that, as part of Go Create, I have been providing Art Workshops and Projects for several years under the umbrella of “Taunton Live Creative and Performing Arts Festival. Last year, 2019, we had a much needed break…and this year, 2020, was meant to be an amazing extravaganza of a festival, incorporating Taunton’s first Pride celebration. That has all had to be put on hold now, due to Coronavirus, BUT ** please get the date – July 17th, 2021, Vivary Park in your diaries!

…and so, in place of the usual face-to-face workshops sessions, I am offering an online art project for all Primary age school children. I have sent this to many Taunton area schools, so that as many children as possible have the opportunity to try out their ideas, enjoy a “Creative Journey” and produce their very own artworks. So you may receive this again from your child’s school! Better twice than not at all, and please feel free to share with other families and schools.

Please download the project idea and the overall plan, along with the “EXPLORE” stage to start the children thinking; the further exemplified sections “ 2. Develop” and “ 3. Create” will be posted over the next couple of weeks with photos of my ideas developing and examples of skills they could try…I thought I might do FaceBook Live tutorials to talk to the children that they could watch with their parents… “4. Present” and “5. Exhibit” will be posted closer to half-term.

It is something that many children could quite easily get involved in and I think it will provide a great sense of coming together, especially by exhibiting online, but even more so if when this is all over, we can exhibit the actual artwork – the library is booked for July anyway!

Information and call-outs can be found on our social media platforms and on our websites – so access can be gained by children and families through a variety of means. Please do share with friends and families.

Go Create is also working in partnership with Arts Taunton and the Tyca Festival in the Autumn term – so look out for ways to get involved with Tyca too!

Keep safe and keep creating!


Schools’ Coordinator &
Director – Go Create