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Taunton’s Fire River Poets, in partnership with Make Performing Arts, invite young poets to enter their Young Poets Competition as part of the Taunton Live Arts Festival in July.

The competition, will be judged by members of the Fire River Poets.

The theme is Climate. There is no entry fee.

Entrants are asked to write a poem which examines climate in any way at all – a trip to a hot country in which the heavens open, say, or a beautiful tropical island where an argument ruins everything. Perhaps a poem set in school on a particular day, or a cultural mistake made in a foreign country. Your poem could also refer to emotional climate. Have you ever called a friend on the phone and just known something was wrong, even if they did not say so? Or have you been the bearer of bad news – or good news, like a cat being found?

Anything is welcome, and the more surprising and interesting the better!

Poems need not rhyme – indeed poems might be more effective without rhyme unless writers are very skilled at this. There are three age categories with three prizes in each. Each prize-winner will receive a book token, journal and pen and publicity for their poem. All prize-winning and commended poets will be invited to an awards ceremony on the evening of Wednesday 12th July at the Brewhouse, Taunton, where the winning poems will be displayed and the prize-winning poets can give a reading of their work.


1. There are three categories: age 7-9, age 10-12, age 13-16.
2. Entrants must have the approval of a parent, guardian or teacher who gives their details and can be contacted should the poet win a prize.
3. Poems must be the original, unaided work of the poet entering.
4. Poems must be between 10 and 35 lines excluding the title and line gaps.
5. Each poet may enter a maximum of two poems.
6. Poets must keep a second copy of the poem(s) submitted which they can bring to the award ceremony if invited.
7. Poems must be submitted on A4 paper and may be hand-written or word processed.
8. The competition will be judged by members of Fire River Poets. The judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into about these decisions.
9. Entries must be submitted by Friday 16th June. Winners will be contacted by Saturday 1st July.
10. Prize-winners in each age group will each receive a book token (First prize £15; Second Prize £10; Third Prize
£5), journal and pen. The three first prize winners will also receive a free creative writing workshop for their
school, led by a professional writer.


Entry Form

Further enquiries: matt.bryden@gmail.com

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