Origami – New for Taunton Live 2017

Site Specific Peoples participation ‘Think of a rainbow’


Imagine a rainbow made up of coloured birds in flight – hundreds of them, in lots of shapes and sizes, swirling across the long wall of the Mecca Bingo building in Taunton Town Centre – the wall on Castle Way that faces Castle Green.

Now imagine that one of those birds has your name on its wing, meaning that you are part of the art of Taunton Live Arts Festival!


If your hobby is origami, you may have realised that these birds will be made of folded paper, and maybe you’re already thinking of soaring eagles, parrots, or birds of the Sun God.

Your birds will be very welcome.


If you are new to origami (the art of paper folding), simple birds, such as the Peace Dove, are just as welcome! There are lots of examples online. To get you folding, here are some links to YouTube demonstrations:





And I’ve chosen one link to some fairly easy instructions that you can print:

http://www.origami-resource-center.com/birds.html#birds. There are lots more online.


But there are a few simple rules:

  1. Plain rainbow colour paper only, please: think ‘Richard, Of, York, Gave, Battle, In, Vain. That’s Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.
  2. Your birds must be in flight (flying towards the right), not standing or perching.
  3. Not too three-dimensional – they have to stick to a wall without flopping over. A little dot of glue or double-sided tape will keep their wings together.
  4. They need to be ready for display by Friday, July 21st. Please contact me on fran@gocreate.org.uk for details of how to hand over your birds, or bring them along to the wall on Castle Way between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday July 23rd
    and help create a stunning rainbow flight


You can buy origami paper in craft shops, or take a look at Color Tree Ltd, who are very good on price: www.colortreelimited.co.uk


Make as many birds as you like – the more we have the more extravagant and fabulous the flight will be! I hope you have fun folding them, and enjoy helping us to make our flight of birds spectacular.