03/07/2018 10:00 am — 31/07/2018 5:00 pm
Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre
School Road

Taunton, TA2 8PD United Kingdom
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Exhibition at Tacchi Morris Arts Centre during Taunton Live – Creative and Performing Arts Festival.

QuARTet is an exciting exhibition of artwork by four Somerset Painters exploring their own interpretations of landscape.

Janet Glynn-Smith/Adam Grose /Diane Burnell/Jenny Keogh

Janet Glynn Smith.

Janet’s work represents a change in direction from landscape to seascape, coinciding with a geographical move.
Her work is based on going out to see what’s to be seen. Translating through an ever changing palette, being prepared to use any media and technique.
Drawing is the important foundation, informing decision making with regard to form and scale.
Janet continues to investigate the creative process building on thirty years experience as a practicing artist.

Adam Grose

Adam Grose’s practice explores walking, collecting and mapping journeys he takes in landscapes and memory. These are explored through layering techniques, exploring aesthetics and representation and encapsulate forms of mapping and memory as an image. He collects rocks and soils from places he has visited, producing paints and printing inks for use in his work.
Drawing is fundamental to his art process, exploring how we see and re-interpret through the use of line, form and colour, exploring chance and accidental traces during the production of creativity, incorporating elements of entropy into his work whilst also investigating ideas about non-perspectival imagery and Zen painting practices inspired by Japanese and Chineseartwork.

Diane Burnell

Diane’s work reflects her interest in the ever-changing nature of our world caused by movement of the elements. Although always motivated by an idea or emotion, once started the painting becomes instinctual often with unexpected results because the paint itself is fluid like water and contains pigments which settle, for example as sand washed by the tide or land moved by floods. “The result is always organic and pleasing to me. I hope it is pleasing to the viewer also an illicitemotional response”.

Jenny Keogh

Jenny sees her paintings as internal landscapes, autonomous in method, but often mirroring current personal issues, ambience and feelings.

“As well as reflecting my own personal experiences my work captures and displays its own vibrancy, physicality and dynamism. I am hugely inspired by nature, colour and growth and usually manipulate the paint using unorthodox pouring and dripping techniques to allow the paint to take on its own visceral form upon the canvas.”


03/07/18 @ 10:00 am
31/07/18 @ 5:00 pm
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